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The animals we keep at home help us a lot in several ways. Some of them provide us with food; some are used as means of transportation, and so on. Like human beings, these animals we keep at home will also fall sick. If they fall sick, they should be treated like it is done to human beings. This article focuses on medical attention, which should be given to a horse. A horse is one of the animals’ people keep at home and is used mainly for transportation. When a horse falls sick, it should be given medical care. Many drugs can be used to treat different conditions in horses. But before you buy any drug for your horse, take note of the following things.

The first thing to note before buying any drug for a horse is the expiry date. A drug is good and will work well when it has not expired. An expired drug is like a poison in the body of any animal. Therefore, it is recommended that before you buy any drug for your horse, you should take note of the expiry date of the medicine. An expired drug instead of curing the disease the animal is suffering from, it will infect the animal further. So be careful before you buy any drug for your horse and check the label for the expiry date. If the expiry date is not indicated in the label, ask the storekeeper or never buy the drug at all.

The second thing to note when buying a drug for your horse is the recommendation and prescription from the veterinary officer. Never buy any drug for your horse if a veterinary officer has not prescribed it. The veterinary officer is a practitioner who is specialized in diagnosing and treating animals. Therefore, when your horse is sick, the first thing to do is to take it to the veterinary officer for examination. After that is when you can go ahead and buy the drugs which have been prescribed by the officer after diagnosis, because animals have different genetic make up one drug can well in a horse and fail to work best in another horse. So even if you feel your horse suffers the same condition that a neighbor’s horse had suffered before, never use the drug, the neighbor used to treat its horse without consulting a veterinary officer.

The third thing to note when buying a drug for your horse is the price. Price is also an important consideration to make when buying anything in the market. Before you choose to buy a drug for your horse, you should take note of its price. Therefore, you should move from form one store to another, trying to researching the price of the drugs. Then you can proceed to choose a store that sells the drug at a price you can comfortably buy. Knowing the market price of the drug is important, for it will help you to avoid dishonest traders who can overexploit you in the market.

These are the considerations to make when choosing the right drug for your horse.

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