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A Guide to Intermodal Trucking.

One of the key characteristics of human being is movement. Transportation involves basically the movement of people and good from one place to another. The movement may happen over several means of transport creating a need for intermodal transport. The most common type of intermodal transport involves having sea transport as one of the means of transport. The owner of the cargo will usually outsource the services if intermodal trucking to a Harbor specialist.

The Harbor specialists is usually a company that directs the movement of containers. This involves loading export containers to the ship and offloading import containers off the ship and loading them to the relevant next mode of transport such as road. The owner of the cargo is relieved of the need of being there when the cargo is being loaded or offloaded as the specialist will oversee the process.

The owners of the cargo usually alerts the Harbor specialist of the specific time the cargo will need transportation services. The message usually is the shipment number of the container. Also, the message also has the destination information which the harbor specialist will use in directing the cargo movement.
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Intermodal transportation is used to overcome the limitation of one, means of transport. The challenges facing different means of transportation includes.
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The restriction of means of transport over a given medium such as water. For instance sea transport is only applicable to the extent of the sea water. Therefore sea transport can only be used in areas close to sea, ocean and other water bodies. The road and railway transport are used to link the coastal cities with the other land area.

Intermodal transportation is also used to ease congestion on one means of transport. The means of transport will suffer delays if a lot of people are using them. By alternating the usage of the different means of transport of cargo between origin and destination people can avoid traffic jams.

Sea transport has been of great importance to world trade. Countries so far away can exchange their goods via sea transport. Features that make sea transport suitable is the ability to carry huge loads of goods, and it does not cost a lot. With intermodal trucking even land locked countries can benefit from sea transport. The land locked countries partners with the countries with access to the water bodies such as ocean or sea to construct roads and railways for intermodal transportation. Intermodal transport involves the building of various means of transport terminals near the sea harbor creating employment and wealth for the residents of the area.