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Controlling Ants Infestation in Your Home

Four techniques are used to control ants. These methods are cultural, physical, biological and chemical control method. Things that we do and also how we do it are the ones that are referred to as cultural ants control methods. For example, houses that are raised above the ground are the ones we should live in. The area that does not support ant infestation is the one you should live in when you choose to control ants using the cultural method. Some people even raise animals that feed on ants because it is an example of cultural ants control method. Not everyone will prefer to live that way even if ants can be controlled using cultural methods.

Physical control method can also be used to control ants. You should remove ant food so that the ant may not reach it which is an example of physical control. Ants feed on foods such as timber, cotton, cardboard and old newspapers. A lot of people who use this ants control method put a barrier. Such barriers are placed between the ground and the fibrous materials. Slabs are the ones that are mostly used to create these barriers. You will have to use heat and cold materials when you choose physical control method to control ants infestation. The area that the ants have infested should have temperatures of up to forty five degrees to remove ants. Ants will avoid such regions with high temperature because they cannot survive there.

The biological control method is another way you can use to control ants. Biological control method is not the best way to control pests although sometimes it has an impact. Biological control method involves releasing natural ants’ enemies to feed on them. Ants can be fed or eaten by birds and termites because they are their natural enemies. Other people choose to use nematodes to control ants’ infestation in their homes. Ants have parasites such as nematodes which are tiny worms. When biological control method is used to control ants, you can make them fall ill by using certain fungi that affect them. Biological control method is the one that is recommended although it has not been accepted well in the market.

Chemical control method is the last method that is used to control pests. It should be applied when other control methods fail to work, and that’s why it is the last. Chemical control method is not recommended because it may poison the soil or even people. The soils have to be treated with toxic substances when this method is used to control ants. Dangerous gases are released when chemical control method is used which might destroy the ozone layer.

The Ultimate Guide to Professionals

The Ultimate Guide to Professionals