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What is a Chauffeur?

Did you ever know that there is a big difference between being a mere driver and being a chauffeur?

To many, the difference simply lie on the idea that it is a classy way of describing a person who has been employed to drive a private or a rented vehicle. It is a modest way of upgrading the status of one who drives these expensive vehicles.

And while it’s true that either a driver or a chauffeurs has the ability to get people to where they need to go, the difference between the two is more than a matter of parlance or speech – it is a technical application of the kind of service that these chauffeurs provide.
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The title chauffeur is more than just being able to bring people to where they want to go, it is more than being the one behind the wheel. A chauffeur is able to bring his passengers to their destination is a manner that is stylish and luxurious.
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Every trip that one makes with a chauffeur builds up an unmatched sophistication from the time he picks up the commuter, the way he holds and handles luggage, and gets the door for the commuter. A chauffeur does everything with finesse and glamour, from the way he brings you around through scenic tours to arouse your regal mood, to the way he brings you to fine diners or to fast food shops for a quick coffee down the street. All of these come from his extensive training where a chauffeur does not only learn rules of the road, alternative routes to take, bring someone to attractions, But more so, mastering the art of a baron like deportment that at all times embodies a polished touch.

He also knows how to take good care of his uniform, keeps it clean and crisp all the time. When he goes about he carries himself with subtle dignity. He is punctual and can communicate well. A chauffeur is known for being trustworthy and faithful and often words in close proximity to the commuter. He can be accommodating and he can tell what his commuter needs. Whatever the situation is, he remains calm, and has a clean record. He sees to it that his vehicle is always clean and he is meticulous about it and never runs out of supplies. You can trust him to fix and repair broken things in his vehicle.

So that is what makes a chauffeur a chauffeur, and there are a lot of things that we have not known about what it is to be one. Passengers will not expect the ways of a chauffeur because he will always give them more with a touch of elegance and a taste of grandeur. To be a good chauffeur you need to practice to be one and to learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.